Skywars Servers To Join

These are the most popular Skywars servers in Minecraft. Click on the server you want to join to find out its server IP address. 

How to Join a Minecraft Skywars Server

This video showcases where to copy and paste the Skywars server IP. 

You don’t have to use the Skywars IP used in the video, any of the server IPs in the list above will work.

What is Minecraft Skywars?

Minecraft Skywars is where players start on tiny islands with minimal gear. There is no respawning in this gamemode. The winner is the last player standing. Starting islands surround the center islands which is where better gear can be found.

All servers modify it slightly but the concept is the same on all servers. The only differences you should find across different servers are the maps and gear you receive from chests.

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Minecraft Skywars Guide - How to win in Minecraft Skywars

Struggling to win in Skywars or want to win more games? Or maybe you just want to improve your K/D in Skywars. If so, then these Skywars tips are perfect for you.


The most popular Skywars playlists are solos and duos. Trios and Quads are a thing but they aren’t as active and many servers do not offer them.


In solos, you are all alone so you need to be aware at all times. 

At the start of the game, it is important to get to the center islands as quickly as possible. To do this, I like to build over to the nearest center island immediately. Some servers will provide a building kit where you can do this immediately. Don’t worry about not having loot, you can go back to your island straight away. But by building over immediately, all other players will be looting and you’ve been given a free pass in the center. This is beneficial as many servers provide bows, snowballs, and eggs to knock players into the void.


In duos, you will need to work together as best you can. This means backing each other up in combat and covering your teammate when they build to other islands.

Center Islands

I have already briefly discussed the center islands but I can’t stress enough that going to the center islands early is a game changer. The center islands offer better loot than what you get on your starting island. The longer you stay on your starter island, your chances of winning gradually slip away. Some players don’t even move from their starter island, hoping to make it to the last 2 and win the last fight.  Unfortunately, that last player has probably looted everything in the middle and has way better gear than the player sat hiding.

Distance Fights

Most servers provide long-distance weapons. These are one of the best weapons in Skywars as you can knock your opponent off without having to get into a sword scrap. So make sure you do not neglect any long-range weapons such as bows and arrows, snowballs, or eggs.


A knockback item is the most overpowered weapon in the game. On Skywars, knockback weapons can come on swords, bows, or even bread. Just because the bread doesn’t do much/any damage to your opponent, doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. Have it in your Hotbar ready to use when you have a fight close to the edge.