SMP Servers To Join

Browse these awesome Minecraft servers that allow you to play survival with friends. Click the server you wish to join to find out the SMP server IP.

Private World SMP Servers

These servers allow players to create their very own Minecraft survival world to play with friends. No strangers! 

Public World SMP Servers

These servers have an open survival world where everyone builds, explores, and lives in the same world.

How to Connect to an SMP Server in Minecraft

Use this video as a template. I don’t think the server showcased in the video is still running or very active, but the steps are still the same. Just change the SMP server address to one of the servers listed above.

Many SMP servers require you to be in MC versions 1.19 (or the latest versions) so make sure you launch Minecraft in the correct version.

What does SMP stand for in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, SMP stands for Survival MultiPlayer. A server that offers SMP allow players to play survival with their friends and other people.

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How did SMP Originate?

SMP was created by the famous YouTuber, Dream. Dream created his own survival multiplayer world where he invited tons of friends and other big YouTubers and streamers such as TommyInnit, Tubo, GeorgeNotFound, Vikkstar123, and many more. If you’re a Minecraft fan, you have probably watched a few videos or even follow this SMP server.

Ever since these SMP series popped off and were trending around YouTube, popular Minecraft servers decided to take action and create an SMP gamemode. That is why we have split the server list into two sections because we feel like the true SMP gamemode is having your own survival world with no randomers.