Survival Games Servers To Join

Choose from this wide range of Survival Games servers to join. Find out the server IP and more details about each server by clicking on the one you wish to join.

How to Join a Minecraft Survival Games Server

If you are unsure how to join a survival games server, then this video shows you exactly how to do so. 

Just change the ‘server address’ to the survival games server address you want to join.

We recommend adding the server to your multiplayer servers list instead of a direct connect, otherwise, you will have to keep coming back here to find the server IP. Adding the server to your list means it saves the IP address.

What is the Difference Between Survival Games & Hunger Games?

Not many people realize there is a difference between the two. Though they are very similar, minor contrasts differentiate the two gamemodes.

Survival Games

Hunger Games

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