Survival Servers To Join

Single player survival mode can often become boring. These servers are for multiplayer Minecraft survival servers to play with friends. 

How to Join a Minecraft Survival Server

If you are unsure how to join a survival server, or where to copy a Minecraft survival server IP address, then this short video showcases everything you need to know. 

If you want to join a different Minecraft Survival IP than the one used in the video, then replace it in the ‘server address’ bar.

What is Multiplayer Survival in Minecraft?

Survival in multiplayer is where players must collect resources, defend mobs, explore the world, and build awesome structures all with their friends and other online players. It is the same as single player survival mode except you can play survival with others with certain rules to abide to.

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Survival Server Rules

Unlike single-player survival, Minecraft survival servers come with rules to follow. Don’t let this haunt you as it is for your personal benefit. For the players wanting to take multiplayer survival seriously and have a good time, these rules are beneficial to you. This is because the most common rule is to not grief other players’ builds.

These are the common rules for most Survival Minecraft servers:

  • Do not steal!
  • Do not grief! This includes destroying other players’ builds, altering the build of another player, and building inside someone else’s build. 
  • No PvP! The only PvP allowed are planned fights between the players. 
  • No Hacks! A common rule for all servers, not just survival. X-ray, flying, duplicating blocks, and more, are all prohibited.

All of these rules will likely result in an instant ban.

Common rules for servers that allow claimed land:

  • Your claimed territory should not be directly next to another player’s claimed land. This distance is usually around 100 blocks, or the distance you can shoot a bow.
  • Players cannot claim a full rare biome. Some rare biomes include jungles, ice spikes, and Taiga biomes.
  • Avoid using too much Redstone in one area to help reduce lag.

How to Avoid Griefers in Survival Servers

Unfortunately, griefers will always exist. No matter the rules, people will always try and ruin other people’s incredible builds. There are ways to try and stop these griefers.

Build out as far as possible. The further away from spawn, the harder it will be for griefers to find your builds. Some servers such as 2b2t have a 30 million block border. A massive amount! This is because they allow griefing so players have to try and find a spot that won’t get destroyed in a long time.

Join a server that allows you to claim land. Many MC survival servers allow players to claim their builds. This restricts others from building and mining in your land. You can add friends to your plot to give them access.

How to Survive Your First Night in Minecraft Survival

For those who are new to survival and want to learn how to survive your first night in Minecraft, here is a complete, step-by-step guide.

A Minecraft day lasts 20 minutes, 10 minutes of daylight, 10 minutes of night time. So when you launch your new world, you only have 10 minutes to prepare for the night. It is crucial to make the most of these 10 minutes.

1) Gathering Wood

When you first spawn into your new world, it is important to gather wood as quickly as possible. Find the nearest tree and begin mining. You need at least 3 wooden logs. 

Once you have 3 logs, open up your inventory, and place the wooden logs into the small crafting space to exchange these 3 logs into 12 wooden planks. 

2) Crafting Table & Pickaxe

With these 12 wooden logs, you will need to make a crafting table and a wooden pickaxe. 

The crafting table requires 4 wooden planks in a square. This provides you with a 3×3 crafting area rather than the 2×2 in your inventory.

To make a wooden pickaxe, you first need to craft sticks. Place 2 wooden planks on top of each other to obtain 4 sticks. To make the pickaxe, wooden planks should be placed on the top 3 boxes, with 2 sticks on the remaining middleboxes. If unsure, have a look at the image.

It is pointless to create anymore wooden tools as you can now mine stone.

how to survive the first night in minecraft

2) Stone

The next necessity is stone. Stone can only be mined with a pickaxe which is why it was essential to craft a wooden pick. 

Stone can be found a few blocks deep underground. So if you don’t see any mountain or cave entry, start mining through the dirt till you reach stone. You won’t need any more than 20 stone. When you mine stone, it turns into cobblestone which is exactly what you need.

With the cobblestone you have acquired, you will then need to craft a stone sword, stone pickaxe, stone axe, and a furnace. All these recipes are showcased in this image.

minecraft surviving the first night

3) The Surrounding Environment

Try to get a good idea of your surroundings by getting some high ground. This can be beneficial to see what biomes are nearby, any mountains, caves, or food sources you can access.

After climbing a small hill and a tree, I can see a plains biome on my far right, a ruined portal right below me, and some sheep further along the mountain. On my way up, I found 4 chickens which I can cook later. Chicken is one of the best sources of food as they provide one of the most hunger bars.

My next plan of action would be to loot the ruined portal chests, dispatch the sheep for the wool in hope of making a bed.

minecraft survival tips

4) Making a Bed

If you get lucky enough, you may find sheep near your spawn location. Sheep drop wool which is used to craft a bed. Sleeping not only sets your spawn, but it also stops mobs from spawning if you sleep right as the sun sets. 

Not everyone may have the luxury of nearby sheep, so setting up a camp is important before nightfall (discussed in a few stages time). 

To craft a bed, you need 3 of the same color wool followed by 3 wooden planks horizontally in the crafting table.

5) Coal

Before nightfall, coal is almost a necessity. It can be used for torches to stop mobs from spawning and to cook food in the furnace you crafted at the start.

Coal is found underground so try and find a cave system.

With no cave entries near my spawn location, and nightfall approaching, I decided to dig down in a staircase to ensure I don’t fall into a cave. I eventually found coal about 20 blocks deep.

If you fail to obtain coal before nightfall, wood can be used to cook your food.

minecraft survival guide

6) Finding a Safe place to Camp

Your first-day flies so it is important to find a safe place to set up camp before you get mobbed.

Building a whole house is not feasible on the first day. Try to find a small hill/cliff side like the one in the photo so you can dig a small room instead of using resources to build a room.

best minecraft survival tips

7) And... Safe

Once you have your first night shelter all prepared and lit up, you should be safe and prepared to survive your first night.

minecraft first night shelter
first night shelter in minecraft

A reminder of the Key Resources on Day One

The key resources when you first launch your Minecraft survival world are to gather wood, stone, and coal. With these materials, the key crafting recipes are to make a crafting table, stone tools, and torches. Along your way, it is vital to gather food before nightfall.