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Synex Network is an exclusive survival server. It is one of the most popular and active Minecraft survival servers where you can play survival mode with your friends.

How to Join Synex Network

What MC Versions can I Join Synex Network on?

Synex Network can be played on all the latest MC versions.

More Details About the Synex Network Survival

The Synex Network server IP now takes you through to the Minehut server. This is still a fantastic server so we recommend trying it out. We’re unsure if Minehut has taken over Synex Network or if Minehut changed its branding from Synex to Minehut. If anyone knows, we would love to find out in the YouTube video above.

On this server, you can create your very own SMP server. This allows you to play Minecraft survival with friends. It gives you your very own Minecraft world, separate to the multiplayer survival, meaning you won’t have to worry about potential griefers.

To create your SMP server, right-click the compass in your Hotbar and then select the ‘Create your server’ located at the bottom left as the wooden sign icon.

From here, you can create multiplayer survival worlds. These include:

  • Default survival- the classic vanilla Minecraft survival.
  • Peaceful survival- classic survival but without mobs.
  • Easy survival- mobs are set to easy meaning they deal less damage and cave spiders are not poisonous.
  • Normal survival- Mobs are set to normal difficulty. They begin to deal a little bit more damage and cave spiders are poisonous.
  • Hard survival- Can you deal with mobs at their most destructive
  • Creative multiplayer- create your own world with friends but in creative mode
  • Creative flat world- Ideal if you are just interested in building cool things
  • Builders pro- create you builds from scratch over the void
  • Advanced SMP- your own community world with add-ons such as citizens, luckperms, and more. 
  • Creative Plots- A restricted area but large enough to build whatever you wish.
  • Lifesteal Survival- In this world, you gain another player’s health each time you kill them. This results in a player gaining more hearts and the other losing hearts.
  • Skyblock SMP- The popular Skyblock game mode but in the form of SMP
  • Hardcore SMP- If you die, your world gets deleted.