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With hundreds of active players, WildPrison is one of the most active OP Prison servers in Minecraft. With custom features, your private mine, and many more awesome attributes, we are confident you will love this server.

How to Join WildPrison

What MC Versions can I Join Wild Prison on?

This server has two gamemodes: OP Prison and Survival. OP Prison can be played on any version between 1.8 and the latest 1.19 versions. However, the survival realm can only be accessed through the latest MC version.

OP Prison

The best way to get started on this insanely customized OP Prison server is to start the tutorial to understand some of its unique features. Completing the tutorial will grant you the DEER rank for free.

The next thing I recommend doing is to place your quarry miner at the top of your mine. This will automatically start mining blocks and making you money. Just remember that you must go into the quarry miner to sell everything before it fills up. Your quarry can be upgraded to mine faster, store more blocks, and more.

There are 55 ranks to pass. Each rank-up grants you rank-up keys and a new mine block. You can open these keys at /warp crates.

Mine blocks can be manually adjusted by typing /mineblock. You can adjust the percentage of which blocks appear in your mine to increase your earnings. This should be done when you increase through the levels as more wealthier blocks are unlocked. Be aware that it costs each time you change. 

Tokens can be used to upgrade items such as your pickaxe. These tokens go to upgrades such as mining efficiency, fortune, key finder, and many more. You shouldn’t have to worry about obtaining tokens when starting out because other players have their blessing upgraded a lot. The blessing upgrade on the pickaxe has a chance to bless all players with free tokens. Players can upgrade this up to level 1,000. The higher the level, the more often and the more tokens are rewarded to all players. For example, after playing for almost an hour during off-peak hours, I got around 50 million tokens gifted.

There are so many more cool customizable options on this server.


When testing this server, we could not connect to the survival server. It may have been down at the time so we will come back another time to review it.