Neuro-Agitator Rocket League

neuro-agitator rocket league

The Rocket League Neuro-Agitator was released in the Vindicator crate during October 2019, as a black market goal explosion.

On this page, find out the Neuro-Agitator prices, what paints are in the market, a showcase of each color, and much more.

Rocket League Neuro-Agitator All Colors Showcase

Watch the animation for all individual paints that are available for this goal explosion. 

Neuro-Agitator Rocket League Price

All Painted Variants

The Neuro-Agitator does not come in grey or crimson. The massive update in 2019 where blueprints were introduced lead to the Neuro-Agitator plummeting in price. Most items had a fall in their value but this item got hit hard. For example, the TW Neuro-Agitator paint was worth over 15,000 credits before this update went live. Less than a month after, the titanium white paint fell to 4,500-5000 credits. From its peak just a month previously, that is over a whopping 75% crash. 

How to get the Neuro-Agitator in Rocket League

With many methods to get the Neuro-Agitator in Rocket League, we will discuss which one is the cheapest or most convenient for you.

A more expensive but possibly more convenient method is to obtain this black market item via its blueprint. Its blueprint can be secured by match rewards, if you had any remaining Vindicator crates back in 2019, opening the Golden pumpkin 2020, or opening the Golden Gift 2021. These 4 ways to get the blueprint does not guarantee it, they are all based on chance. 

The in-game item shop can also be a more expensive method but more convenient, only if it is listed. 

A cheaper method that is fairly convenient is to purchase directly through Aoeah (click green button link above). Aoeah sell Rocket League items for affordable prices and can get it delivered to you usually within 15 minutes.

The cheapest method but possibly the most time consuming would be to trade with another player who is selling the paint you want. This is cheap because you should not be paying anymore than the market prices we listed above. 

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