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The Rocket League Octane car body is the most popular and used vehicle in the game. To add to that, it is the longest-serving vehicle as it has been out since Rocket League began.

The Default Octane is granted to all players when they install Rocket League. If you wish to get painted variations of the car, we display their prices and how to get them further down this page.

On this Octane information page, you can also find out about the Octane’s hitbox, the benefits of using this vehicle, Octane car designs, and more.

Rocket League Octane Designs

As mentioned earlier, the Octane allows players for a wider variety of car designs so we have put together some of our favorite Octane car designs in this video:

Octane Rocket League- All Painted Variations

This item painted in black is untradeable. It has been added to the game but only in the item shop which means it cannot be traded between players. You will have to look out for more updates regarding the black paint or for it to re-appear in the item shop again.

It wasn’t until August 2017 that painted variants of the Octane were released in the first-ever trade-up update. Players could trade in 5 very rare items in return for 1 import item. The painted variants are import items so this update gave players the chance to get the newly painted Octane cars for free.

Not including the default version, there are 12 paints of the Octane. Below, I have listed all 12, the price of each, and a link to Aoeah which is the cheapest place to get them. Aoeah is a trusted RL item-selling website that offers the cheapest prices in the market. 

Rocket League Octane Hitbox

When Rocket League was released back in 2015, the Octane quickly became the most favored vehicle. Because it became so popular, Pysonix brought out 32 different vehicles with the identical hitbox as the Octane (all are listed further down). Only the Fennec has come close to the Octane’s popularity, but even then the Octane is still used by many more players.

The Octane car dimensions are as follows: (rounded to 2 decimal points)

Benefits of using the Octane

Many benefits come from using the Octane. In my opinion, it is not the best in any aspect of the game but instead, it is the best all-rounded car. What I mean by that is that there are better vehicles for certain situations. For example, I would prefer to dribble with a Batmobile and go into 50/50 challenges with a Merc. However, I would hate to dribble with a Merc and go into tackles with a Batmobile. So the Octane is not the best in any of these two areas but it is good at both and therefore, provides players with a good all-around playstyle. 

On top of the playing benefits, there is car design merits too! Because the Octane has been around so long, Pysonix have developed hundreds of custom Octane decals players can equip to their car. Scroll further down to see some of our best Octane designs.

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