Party Time Rocket League

party time rocket league

The Rocket League Party Time is one of the oldest black market goal explosions in the game as it was released in September 2017. 

On this Party Time information page, you can find out RL Party Time prices, a showcase of all its painted colors, what the goal explosion animation does, and how to get this item.

Rocket League Party Time Showcase

We usually create a full video showcasing every painted item, but with the Party Time goal explosion only obtainable in its default version, we have instead created a YouTube shorts.

Party Time Rocket League Price

Only available in its default version, the Party Time goal explosion is one of the cheapest black market items. This does not mean it is not one of the worst black market items, its valuation is so low primarily because it has been out for so long. Rocket League items generally descend in price over time so it is normal for older items to be inexpensive.

What Does the RL Party Time Goal Explosion Do?

The Party Time goal explosion is a perfect item to have in your inventory for special occasions such as your birthday, anniversaries, or any other reasons to celebrate. 

The moment the ball completely crosses the goal line, party poppers and balloons burst out from the goal, and a cheer is used as a sound effect. The balloons then rise to the ceiling before popping for the kick-off to start.

How to get the Party Time Goal Explosion in Rocket League

The best and cheapest method to get the Party Time goal explosion is to trade with another player. This way you should be paying around the market price.

First of all, you need the required amount of credits. This isn’t much due to the Party Time being inexpensive, but check the price above as they may have changed. You may already have this amount of credits. If not, you could sell any valuable items you no longer want or buy RL credits from Aoeah.

When you have acquired the correct amount of credits, you then need to find a suitable trading platform. There are many websites or Discord servers to join for this. RL Insider is a good trading Discord server to join. 

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