Phoenix Cannon Rocket League

phoenix cannon rocket league

The Rocket League Phoenix Cannon is available in 12 different colored variations. It was released in December 2021 during the Dorado Series release, at the same time of the Stride Tide decal.

On this page, the Phoenix Cannon goal explosion prices are displayed as well as a showcase for all possible paints, and more details about this item.

Rocket League Phoenix Cannon- All Colors Showcase

This cool goal explosion is a must watch! Click on the video to view the full animation for all its available paints. 

How much is the Phoenix Cannon Worth?

Painted Phoenix Cannon Rocket League Price

The default Phoenix Cannon is very similar to the burnt sienna and orange paints which is why these colors have not been released. 

What Does the RL Phoenix Cannon Goal Explosion Do?

This is definitely one of the cooler goal explosions. At the start, a small explosion sets everything off but then number of lasers beam down from the sky moving in a circular pattern. They slowly join forces to create a massive explosion where dust is blasted across the field.

There are few/ if any goal explosions where the animation comes out so far into the field.

How to get the Phoenix Cannon in Rocket League

Players change goal explosions frequently, so ask any friends if they have this goal explosion. Maybe they will kindly enough give it to you or at least let you borrow it?

Another free method for PC players is to install BakkesMod and equip this goal explosion in the item settings. Note that this will only show up for yourself and other BakkesMod users. Players who do not have this app installed will see your mainstream goal explosion.

If neither of these methods are for you, then performing a player-to-player trade is the most affordable way. Before you make a trade, check the item’s painted price above to ensure you are getting a good deal. To get the required credits, you can buy Rocket League credits for cheaper than in-game from Aoeah. Once you have the credits and have found a seller through a trading website, Discord server, or however you found them, ensure you trade the credits and they trade the item within the same trade. Never go first otherwise you will be scammed!

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