Poly Pop Rocket League

poly pop rocket league

The Rocket League Poly Pop is an OG black market goal explosion that was released in December 2017, inside the Velocity crate.

Find out the Poly Pop prices, all colors showcase, and how to get this Poly Pop goal explosion.

Rocket League Poly Pop All Colors Showcase

Click on this YT shorts to check out the Poly Pop in its full animation form when you score a goal. 

The Poly Pop RL goal explosion has no painted variants. It is one of the most affordable black market items in the game due to its longevity. The longer an item has been around, the more chance its price has dropped. 

What Does the RL Poly Pop Goal Explosion Do?

Masses of triangles create a dome surrounding the area where you scored. The goal explosion then scatters them apart.

How to get the Poly Pop in Rocket League

A cheap and convenient way to get this Poly Pop goal explosion is to buy it directly from Aoeah through the green button links above. Aoeah are a reliable company who we have been using and been an affiliate with for many years. They sell RL items for cheap, affordable prices whilst offering very quick delivery times.

This item does have a blueprint and it is a legitimate method. However, unlocking the Poly Pop blueprint would result in massively overpaying. The Poly Pop blueprint costs 2k Rocket League credits. Compare this with the prices above to see how much you will be overpaying. 

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