Popcorn Rocket League

popcorn rocket league

The Rocket League Popcorn is a black market goal explosion that was released in September 2017 as part of the second trade-up update. At the time, it could be obtained by opening Accelerator crates but there are now new ways and we discuss the cheapest method on this page.

You can also find out the Popcorn prices and a showcase of this black market goal explosion.

Rocket League Popcorn Showcase

The Rocket League Popcorn goal explosion has no painted variants so instead of a complete YouTube video showcasing every painted item, we have created a YouTube shorts video for the default Popcorn.

Popcorn Rocket League Price

As of November 2022, this is the cheapest black market goal explosion on the market in terms of its trading valuation. This does not mean it is the worst black market goal explosion as it has been out for a lot longer than others meaning its price has diminished over time. 

What Does the RL Popcorn Goal Explosion Do?

At the exact point in the net where you score, popcorn will soar out from the net and scatter everywhere. This animation lasts between 2-3 seconds.

How to get the Popcorn in Rocket League

With many methods to obtain the Popcorn goal explosion in Rocket League, here is a list of all the ways from cheapest to most expensive. 

  • BakkesMod- Only for PC players. The item only shows up for you and other mod users.
  • Trade-ups- Trade in 5 exotic items to receive 1 black market item. Not guaranteed but a possibility. If you get lucky, then this is a free way, especially if you already had 5 exotic items.
  • Trading- trading with another player means you will be paying market prices.
  • Buying from Aoeah- a convenient and quicker way than trading that is still cheaper than in-game.
  • Item Shop- The in-game item shop has listed the Popcorn twice. However, this is only 2 days in the past few years so you might be waiting a while for it to pop back up again.
  • Blueprints- Same value as the item shop but you may need to get the Popcorn blueprint which adds to the cost.
Remember, this list goes from cheapest to most expensive. Some of the cheaper methods may not be possible for you.

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