Pro MB Gaming News & Updates February 2021

In this article, we discuss our plans this month as well as any exciting news and updates for February 2021.

Limited Time Sale

Due to the vast amount of orders towards the end of our 15% mid-season sale, we have decided to extend this sale by another week. This means the sale is now ending on 14th February, 11.59 pm GMT. And actually ending this time!


If you have purchased from us before, you will know how the order process works. Once, purchase, we invite you to an order Discord. This Discord server is private where only you, the booster, and us the owners have access. It allows you to keep track of your Rocket League boost.

Now, this is where the giveaway comes in. We are very soon approaching our 100th Order Discord since we started this system and something awesome lies within that Discord for that customer.

What order Discord are we on now? That is to be disclosed. All you need to know is that this 100th order Discord is coming up within the next 1-10 orders so you could say it’s a luck of the draw. Best of Luck!


We are still looking for Valorant Boosters. If you are Radiant Rank or above then please join our Discord server and apply.

Each accepted booster applicant will have to go through our recruitment process in order to become a verified booster for Pro MB Gaming.

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