Pro MB Gaming News & Updates January 2021

At Pro MB Gaming, we’ve decided to start updating our customers in our blogs on what’s new and what to expect in the near future.

Our current customers will know how much we strive to offer the best customer service we possibly can hence why we are extremely proud of our 5-star review rating for Rocket League Boosting (44 five-star reviews and 1 four-star review at the time of writing).

Our Mid Season Sale

For a limited time we’re offering a 15% discount off all Rocket League boosts. This will probably end on the 7th February but keep an eye out on our Discord for an exact date.

Why is this?

The Rocket League season is approximately just over halfway through. Even though Epic Games does not release the end of season date till later on, this sale is preparing us for the end of the season madness.

At the end of a Rocket League season, everyone is wanting their desired reward wins. This leaves us with a busy schedule at the end of the season and unfortunately, we have to deny some boost orders on the last day of the season.

Therefore, this midseason discount sale is your last chance to get your desired season rewards at the lowest price possible.

Valorant Boosting

We have recently added Valorant Boosting to our website but are yet to add this to our Discord.

We’re still looking for Valorant boosters so if you’re in the Radiant rank then feel free to apply through our Discord server.

Stay tuned for more updates on Valorant in the near future.

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