Pro MB Gaming News & Updates March 2021

Welcome to Pro MB Gaming’s monthly news and updates article where we discuss what is new and any awesome upcoming releases we are planning on bringing out to our customers.

Rocket League End of Season

Rocket League Season 2 ends on the 7th of April meaning time is running out for everyone to get their desired rewards and titles. To find out more, you can read our latest article on When does Rocket League Season 2 End?

Limited Time Discount

We a limited time only, we are offering 15% off all Rocket League boosts. This offer ends 31st March. This is to ensure everyone gets their desired season rewards and titles this season in the aim to spread the high demand for boosts over a longer period than the last few days of the season.

When will we Start Offering Valorant Boosts?

Over the last couple of months, we have been talking about us moving into Valorant. We have had an increased number of requests this past month for Valorant boosts. However, we are yet to have hired a Valorant booster. This is a process we do not want to rush and is a decision we take very seriously on who we recruit. Every booster we recruit gets tested and verified before they become an official booster for Pro MB Gaming.

An Additional Payment Method

We understand that not everyone has a PayPal account. In the past, to compromise that, we have taken few payments via Rocket League credits. However, we do charge extra for this payment method for our time having to trade credits into PayPal cash.

On the 28th February, we began accepting payments via Cryptocurrency as well as PayPal.

We have had some customers asking whether we accept payments through platforms such as Zelle and more. Unfortunately, many of these requests are for only United States citizens. With us based in the UK, sadly we cannot accept payments from any of these platforms.

Accepting more payment methods is something we will continue to investigate in the future.

Streaming Boosts

Streaming boosts has been a popular request from many customers recently. We are happy to announce that this is something we have already begun looking into and we have already made the step into offering it to some customers. Before we open it up to everyone, it is something we look to test and improve in the near future ensuring the safety of our customer’s accounts and the quality of the streams is up to a high standard.

Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League just announced that they are releasing a mobile game called Sideswipe. We have just created a Rocket League Sideswipe boosting page and we will discuss this in more detail in next month’s update.

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