20xx Rocket League Decal

The Rocket League 20xx item is a popular black market decal that is available to be purchased at the cheapest price from Aoeah following the link below. Or find out more details about the 20xx item below on our page.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get directed to another website to buy items?

At Pro MB Gaming, we recommend Aoeah to buy Rocket League items because they are way cheaper than in-game, trusted service with a quick delivery time. So why wouldn’t you use them?


What is the average time it takes to receive my items?

Aoeah runs 24/7 and delivers items to all continents with a quick delivery time. On average, it will take about 10 minutes from the point of order to you receiving your items. Obviously, this delivery time varies on-peak and off-peak hours.


How do I receive the items I buy?

A steam URL or a console friend code is required depending on your platform. Once this has been entered during checkout, an Aoeah trader will send you a friend request after purchase so be alert for any friend requests just after your order.


Can I change the currency?

Yes, Aoeah have 5 different currencies available for customers to change. It’s located at the top right on their site.


Do I need to give my account details?

Your personal account details are not required when trading items.


For any other queries, contact Aoeah through their live chat.

Rocket League 20xx Decal

The Rocket League 20xx decal can be found in the Nitro Crate as well as the Turbo Crate.


Best 20xx Colour Combos?

Each player may have their own preference on what are the best colours to use when using the 20xx decal but these are some suggestions for you to try out:


Blue Car:

  • The darkest purple then a few shades down on the purple column
  • A dark colour, e.g. dark blue, dark purple along with the second colour being white


Red Car:

  • Yellow/gold is the primary colour with black as the secondary colour
  • Light red as the primary colour along with a darker red as the secondary colour

Additional information

Painted Variations

Default, Black, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt, Crimson, Forest Green, Grey, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Saffron, Sky Blue, Titanium White