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New Rocket League Update (September 2020)
New Ranking System!

This has been a long time coming within the community. Once players reach Grand Champion level, they no longer have another rank to work towards leading to high drop off rates.

All ranks leading up to Champion 3 will remain the same. The new ranks after Champion 3 will include:

  • Grand Champion 1
  • Grand Champion 2
  • Grand Champion 3
  • Super Sonic Legend

Achieving the 10 Grand Champion wins will still reward you with the Grand Champion title. However, for the very few players who reach Super Sonic Legend will be rewarded with a specific title as well as their own season rewards.

It is not yet known what the required MMR level to reach these new ranks will be. However, we predict that Super Sonic Legend will be achieved when players reach above 1800 MMR. If we put this into perspective that roughly the top 0.015% of players are above 1800 MMR/ top 5000 in the world.

Removal of Solo Standard

Solo standard 3v3 will be removed from the game at the end of Rocket League season 14. We believe this is because of the limited amount of players who search this playlist and the long waiting times when reaching Grand Champion. On top of this, the 3 new ranks being released above Grand Champion will cause further delays in matchmaking.