<strong>Rocket League and Black Market Drops – What You Need to Know</strong>

Rocket League and Black Market Drops – What You Need to Know

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Rocket League has been free to play since 2020. However, as with many freemium games, developer Psyonix has come up with several different ways to monetize gameplay. Originally, so-called Crates were available, standing in for loot boxes found in other titles. These were later swapped out for something called Blueprints, which provided players with ways to upgrade their vehicles with unique items. Other upgrades include premium versions of the Rocket League Battle Pass, providing players with expedited leveling up and a wide range of exclusive items.

Black Market Drops Explained

For many Rocket League players, drops are the best way to access rare items for customizing battle cars. So-called Black Market Drops provide players with the rarest of all items for customization purposes. However, these items aren’t readily available in everyday gameplay modes. Instead, items unlocked in drops fall into one of four categories. These include ‘Uncommon’, ‘Very Rare’, and ‘Rare’. The final category is ‘Import’. Should you get your hands on a drop classed as ‘Import’, you’ll be able to pull Black Market items from files to customize your vehicles.

Can Every Player Access Black Market Drops?

Unfortunately, your options are limited if you play Rocket League on a console. Rocket League is supported across multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, you’ll need to be playing on a gaming PC if you want to unlock and utilize Black Market Drops. The reason for this is that you need access to the import function via mods.

How to Use Mods to Unlock Black Market Mods in Rocket League

If you’re a PC gamer, the good news is that Rocket League has a huge modding community. As well as being able to access Black Market items, you can use mods to unlock custom maps and other fan-created features.

To make life easier for yourself, it’s best to source mods directly from platforms like Steam Workshop. Once you’ve opened the platform, click on the Rocket League selection and select “Browse Workshop”. You’ll be able to browse for the latest updates, including Black Market-related options.

Other Ways to Customize Cars in Rocket League

Even if you’re engaged with the modding community, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to unlock ‘Exotic’ and ‘Black Market’ items in Rocket League. However, there are other ways you can get your hands on exclusive upgrades to put a personal stamp on your battle codes. Rocket League promo codes are one of the best ways to do this. Psyonix regularly releases new codes that players can use to add new and exclusive items to their garages. They’re often unveiled to promote events like the RLCS Winter major schedule. As well as minor aesthetic upgrades, you’ll find things like branded banners furnished with everything from team logos to tournament decals. Although they’re free to use, promo codes are typically offered for a limited time only. To ensure you don’t miss out, make sure you add as many active codes as possible as soon as you discover them.

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