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Get your desired Rocket League rank today using the cheapest, and 5 star Rocket League Boosting service. Our professional high Super Sonic Legend boosters with many Professional players, enable us to complete boosts quickly

Join our RL boosting Discord server below to order your boost by messaging an owner in the server (Jboy20 or MiniBeans). You can ask any further questions to us via Discord too

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Platinum 2 –> Diamond 1 + Diamond Rewards
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Fresh Grand Champion Account
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Champion 1 –> Champion 3
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Silver 3 –> Grand Champion + Grand Champion Rewards
Grand Champion account
Fresh Grand Champion Account
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Champion 3 –> Grand Champion + 5 Grand Champion Rewards 3v3
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Platinum 2 –> Diamond 2


Why Choose Pro MB Gaming?

  • Cheapest Prices
  • Over 500 Completed Rocket League Boosts
  • Fast completion
  • Verified Boosters with many inside the top 100 and some Pro Players
  • 5 Star Reviews


Pro MB Gaming has been offering an affordable boosting service for over a year now! We’ve been doing boosting for over 3 years with over 500 completed boosts and we’ve set this Rocket League Boosting Discord up to compete and charge lower prices than all the websites out there, saving our customers money on every rank up and season reward win!

All our boosters are all trusted, verified, and are Super Sonic Legend in at least two playlists in Rocket League which can get you your desired rank/wins fast. Not only that, but we also offer 100% money back if your boost is for some reason not achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the boost take?

Once purchased, we aim to complete all boosts within 48 hours. However, the completion time varies dependent on the size of the boost.

Which platforms can you boost on?

We can boost on all platforms including PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. Nintendo Switch players must link their Rocket League account on Nintendo switch to Epic Games in order for us to boost your account.

Can I play with the booster?

Yes, you can play with the booster for an extra 50% of the original price. There are limits to how far you can rank up playing with the boosters. For example, If you are above Grand Champion 1 then you can only duo boost one rank higher than your current rank.

Do you need my account details?

We only need your account details if you haven’t asked to play with the booster. The booster may ask for your platform account details or your epic games details so please be prepared to give both as well as a security code to allow the booster to log in successfully.

Do you have a live discount?

Yes, we are giving a 10% discount to ALL new members who join our Discord server link above.

What happens after I have paid for the boost?

You will be invited to join a Pro MB Gaming- Order Discord once purchased. This order Discord will be private as it will display the boost details and a channel for you and the booster to chat. In here you may ask the progress of your boost and any questions you may have during the process.


Rocket League Tournament Boosting

Rocket League tournaments have been improved for this new revamped Rocket League season 1. Tournaments are played at set times, usually 3pm, 6pm, 9pm and 11pm at weekends. All tournaments are 3v3 and which skill level you join depends on your 3v3 competitive rank. You can either play with a team or join solo and be put into another team. The winners receive a title. For example, if you win a Champion tournament then you will receive a ‘Season 1 (Champion icon) Tournament Winner’. 

At Pro MB Gaming, we are now offering tournament wins for all ranks including Super Sonic Legend! For more information, join our Rocket League Boosting Discord at the top of the page.

DeRanking Service

We now offer a Rocket League de-ranking account service for only £4 GBP per rank. However, anyone who is to purchase a de-rank service with Pro MB Gaming must have a security code enabled for when the booster is logging into your account. This is to ensure that it is your account and not someone else’s. Likewise, with our rl boosting service, we do not use any hacked clients.

New Rocket League Update (September 2020)
New Ranking System!

This has been a long time coming within the community. Once players reach Grand Champion level, they no longer have another rank to work towards leading to high drop off rates. Well this is all about to change after the new update and it may have already taken place when reading this.

All ranks leading up to Champion 3 will remain the same. The new ranks after Champion 3 will include:

  • Grand Champion 1
  • Grand Champion 2
  • Grand Champion 3
  • Super Sonic Legend

Achieving the 10 Grand Champion wins will still reward you with the Grand Champion title. However, for the very few players who reach Super Sonic Legend will be rewarded with a specific title as well as their own season rewards.

Very little Rocket League players will reach Super Sonic Legend as only 0.02% to 0.04% of the total players are in the SSL ranks which is the top few thousand in the world. So purchasing an SSL boost from us which is done by our boosters who are ranked inside the top 100 in the world with some professional players will put your account within the top few thousand in the world. 

Removal of Solo Standard

Solo standard 3v3 will be removed from the game at the end of Rocket League season 14. We believe this is because of the limited amount of players who search this playlist and the long waiting times when reaching Grand Champion. On top of this, the 3 new ranks being released above Grand Champion will cause further delays in matchmaking.

Additional Changes

New players must now surpass level 10 in order to take part in any competitive playlists.
From now on, at the start of new seasons, rank resets will function differently. Pysonix have set a median rank as Gold 3. This is an attempt to bring the skill levels closer to this median rank. Therefore, to achieve this, players that finished the previous season above Gold 3 will fall by one rank on average. Players below Gold 3 on average will move one rank above where they finished. However, any players who finished above Grand Champion 1 will be capped at Grand Champion 1.

We are extremely proud to have a 5-star review rating on our Rocket League Boosting service and a 4.9-star review rating on the whole site. You can check our Rocket League Boosting reviews below:

Pro MB Gaming
Average rating:  
 34 reviews
by Thomas on Pro MB Gaming

by Leen on Pro MB Gaming
Description: Great booster, friendly and got the job done, thanks.

by X on Pro MB Gaming
Description: Nice guy quick and professional 🙂

by Anthony on Pro MB Gaming
Rank Boost
Description: Like all things account related I was Skeptical at first. But from the get go they kept great communication with me. They knew I was at work when they got my info and they took screenshots of all my settings. Kept me updated when they got on the acc and when they got off. Really amazing customer satisfaction and highly recommend this service. Thanks again

by Reno on Pro MB Gaming
Gold 3 to Diamond 1 Boost
Description: Excellent service, professional. Answers any questions you may have, quick and reliable service. it only took a couple of hours and my order was ready. Will definitely order again.

by George on Pro MB Gaming
Description: Got me from plat 1 to champ1 rewards in less than 7 hours!

by Joe on Pro MB Gaming
Champ Win
Description: Very fast and A++++ Service

by Alex on Pro MB Gaming
Good service
Description: Pro MB Gaming is a 100% legit and good service. They got me from c2 to gc in 2-3 days and they got my gc rewards. I surely recommend them for others!

by Jérémy on Pro MB Gaming
Rocket League Boosting
Description: Great service, i suggest every one to use their service!

by Dan on Pro MB Gaming
Description: Did an amazing job with circumstances they were given! Finished my request with only 6 mins to spare in the season. Great work! Highly recommend this company

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