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We are extremely proud of our 5 star customer rating as we strive to provide cheap prices, a quick service whilst creating good customer relationships through our Discord server.  All our boosters are trusted, verified and are at least Super Sonic Legend in 2 playlists with some being professional players.

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Why Choose Pro MB Gaming?


At Pro MB Gaming, we have been offering boosting in Rocket League at affordable prices for over a year whilst having experience in the industry for over 3 years. In this time, we have completed over 500 Rocket League boosts, average a completion time of under 24 hours and made hundreds of happy customers achieve their desired reason rewards and ranks!

About our boosters!
  • All our boosters are at least Super Sonic Legend in at least two playlists and we are proud to announce that we have recently added some professional players to the team! For our boosters’ safety, we cannot and will not give any personal information to customers such as their main account name etc.
  • We test and verify all boosters to ensure the safety of your account when purchasing with us

Frequently Asked Questions

Once purchased, we aim to complete all boosts within 48 hours. However, the completion time varies dependent on the size of the boost.

We can boost on all platforms including PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. Nintendo Switch players must link their Rocket League account on Nintendo switch to Epic Games in order for us to boost your account.

We may also ask customers to link their epic games account to their Steam, Play Station or Xbox to speed the process up.

Yes, you can play with the booster for an extra 50% of the original price. There are limits to how far you can rank up playing with the boosters. For example, If you are above Grand Champion 1 then you can only duo play one rank higher than your current rank.

We only need your account details if you haven’t asked to play with the booster. The booster may ask for your platform account details or your epic games details so please be prepared to give both as well as a security code to allow the booster to log in successfully.

Yes, we are giving a 10% discount to ALL new members who join our Discord server link above.

You will be invited to join a Pro MB Gaming- Order Discord once purchased. This order Discord will be private as it will display the boost details and a channel for you and the booster to chat. In here you may ask the progress of your account/order and any questions you may have during the process.


Rocket League Tournament Boosting

Tournaments within Rocket League were added years back but quickly got ignored by players. This time, Epic Games are running the tournaments themselves rather than letting players do it. This means each continent runs a few 3v3 tournaments a day. How many depends on which continent you’re in. 

What do you receive for winning a tournament? From winning a tournament, you will obtain a tournament title that you can display in-game. You will also receive tournament credits. These can be used to win cool items that could be painted or verified.

How does Pysonix/Epic Games determine which rank category I am in? Tournaments have their own ranking system. At the start of the season, your tournament rank is based on your 3v3 rank from the season before. Then from here, you move up or down depending on whether you lose or win matches.

We are now offering tournament boosting wins at Pro MB Gaming for all rank categories including SSL (Super Sonic Legend). Prices can be found via our RL Discord at the top of the page. Please note that if you have played a tournament within the past 24 hours when purchasing a tournament win from us, it may be likely that the booster will have to wait 24 hours till they can change region to start the boost. 

DeRanking Service

DeRanking accounts is often done by players who want to play with their friends on a different account to their main when their friends are at a significantly low rank. This is usually done to prevent them losing their main account rank. It involves getting your account from let’s say champion 1 down to diamond 1 so you can have an even game with your friend who might be platinum standard. Many players do this because Rocket League matchmaking puts you against opponents who are the same skill level as the highest party member. So if you are champion 1 and your friend is platinum 2 then you will likely play against two champion players. Sounds unfair right? But de ranking your account can help you in these situations.

At Pro MB Gaming, we are now offering Rocket League de-ranking services for £4 per de-rank. Please note that we take this service very seriously so any customers who purchase this service must show full evidence that is it their own account and not someone else’s. If there is no guard code when the booster logs in then we will refuse to de-rank that account and you will receive a full refund. 

New Rocket League Update (September 2020)
New Ranking System!
A long time wait! In our opinion, this update was done brilliantly by Epic Games. They kept all the current ranks whilst adding more ranks above Grand Champion as requested by many fans and players. These additional new ranks are: 
  • Grand Champion 2
  • Grand Champion 3
  • Super Sonic Legend

Grand Champion titles will still be rewarded for winning 10 matches in GC 1 in any game mode but players who get 10 wins in SSL within any game mode will also receive an SSL title the following season.

Very few Rocket League players will reach Super Sonic Legend as only 0.02% to 0.04% of the total players are in the SSL ranks which is the top few thousand in the world. So purchasing an SSL boost from us which is done by players who are ranked inside the top 100 in the world with some professional players will put your account within the top few thousand in the world. 

Removal of Solo Standard

Within this new update, the 3v3 solo standard playlist will be removed and probably forgotten let’s be honest. It was never a fan favorite.

We believe this is because of the new ranking system. With the limited players who searched this playlist means that waiting times for above Grand Champion right up to Super Sonic Legend would probably have been too long as they were already extremely long at GC. Getting above GC in solo standard in the last few seasons was practically the top 100 in the world.

Additional Changes
There are many small additional changes made within this update but some of these consist of:
  • Having to reach level 10 to play ranked on new accounts or for new players
  • A slight change to how the game ranks players at the start of the season. If you’re below gold 3 then you’ll find your rank bumped up a tiny bit and if you’re above gold 3 at the end of the season then you’ll notice you will be starting slightly lower at the start of your placements. This means you will have to win over half of your placement matches to have a chance of reaching last season’s rank.

We are extremely proud to have a 5-star review rating on our Rocket League Boosting service and a 4.9-star review rating on the whole site. You can check our reviews for Rocket League below:


On the 13th of February 2021, we moved onto Trustpilot. 

Some of our Trustpilot reviews are displayed below and you can also view our full page by clicking on any particular review. Any reviews received before the 13th February from our website are also displayed further down the page.

42 reviews on
Rubens Rising
Rubens Rising
8. May, 2021.
He was really fast, reliable he finish the tournament quickly. I will buy a another boost for sure.
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Mike Lukernon
Mike Lukernon
5. May, 2021.
Great and easy service to use. Very professional. Would use again.
Read more
Dustin Lovell
Dustin Lovell
4. May, 2021.
Paid for SSL tournament boost and it was finished with a few hours. The booster was very kind and driven to complete the task. Great experience overall!
Read more
Adam Barron
Adam Barron
2. May, 2021.
Nice boost. Took maybe an hour and a half the guy was nice and wasnt pushy or anything.
Read more
29. April, 2021.
J j
J j
29. April, 2021.
fast , easy , responsive
Read more
25. April, 2021.
Ordered 3xSSL Tournment Wins. Took 2-3 Days to get it done. Fast a people are great.
Read more
Andrew Fall
Andrew Fall
25. April, 2021.
Quick and professional. Started and finished after a few hours. Second time using MB. No complaints.
Read more
Nathan Anniss
Nathan Anniss
23. April, 2021.
Amazing Service done quick and with excellence. I paid for my champion seasonal to be done and they did it without loosing once!
Read more
Pro MB Gaming
Average rating:  
 55 reviews
by X96sniping on Pro MB Gaming
Best boost
Description: Really easy and nice bunch. Couldn't be more helpful

by Slushy on Pro MB Gaming
Description: Very fast offered to do it even when he was tired shows commitment and heart.

by Dawid on Pro MB Gaming
Great service
Description: Would highly recommend. Gold to plat in like an hour.

by Mohammed on Pro MB Gaming
Carried to GC
Description: Professionally handled, quick and efficient. Person I qued up with was a class player who was very respectful. 5/5 service definitely recommend it.

by Ewan on Pro MB Gaming
RL Boosting
Description: Champ 1 => GC 1 + Rewards. Best price and nice people

by Randy Ardelean on Pro MB Gaming
C1-GC2 boost
Description: Ordered C1-GC2 and was completed the next day by 2 separate very cool and professional boosters ABSOLUTE LEGENDS 100/10 would 110% recommend

by Kayden Zadilsky on Pro MB Gaming
Most Affordable-Efficient-Reliable-Hard Working Professional Boosters In Rocket League
Description: My name is Kayden Zadilsky, also known on Rocket League as (confidential). Jboy and his team are the most reliable, trustworthy, professional boosters in Rocket League. I have studied and researched every single one of the Rocket League Professional Booster's and by far is the absolute most affordable, reliable and most efficient boosters. As well as they work so hard staying up day and night to get your required boost finished ahead of schedule. They make sure you are updated and message you each and every single rank up, as well as respond to your messages and questions in a very professional manner as well as very timely. If you are looking for the best boosting service to meet your Rocket League needs it is most indefinitely Leave it up to them and they will meet your needs each and every single time

by Altoro on Pro MB Gaming
Rank boost
Description: Extremely friendly customer service. Very reliable, made me instantly feel at ease and trustworthy. The service took place within two hours of the purchase, and I was constantly updated with any issues or with the general advancement of the service... Would definitely recommend and the price seems very fair given the quality of service.

by Adam Barron on Pro MB Gaming
Great boost
Description: Nice guy and he got it done in only a few hours after the purchase

by Rasheed on Pro MB Gaming
SSL Boost
Description: During the entire process, the booster as well as the admins were constantly in contact with me and reassuring that the boost was being done. I really appreciated the honesty and openness towards me the consumer. I am very happy with the service I have received even though it took a little longer than expected. No complaints at all, everyone is friendly and understanding.

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