Rocket League Cars

Browse through the most popular Rocket League cars below. Vehicles are listed under their category of rarity, which ranges from common cars to exotic vehicles including additional bundle or event releases. Within their categories, cars are listed in alphabetical order and more car types are constantly being added.

Common Rocket League Cars

Common cars in Rocket League are the easiest to unlock. Some are even provided when you first launch the game. The Octane, Dominus, Merc, and Breakout are some of the most popular vehicles in this category. 

These cars are only common in their default version. If you acquire any painted variants, then these become an import item. This is because their painted variants are not common and are trickier to obtain.

Very Rare Rocket League Cars

Most of these battle cars do not have any painted variants and if they do, they are difficult to obtain. They used to be classified as legacy quality but are now identified as very rare quality after Rocket League went free to play. If you have had the game before it went free to play, then these cars will still display as legacy quality for you.

Import Rocket League Cars

All import cars can be traded among players.

Some vehicles are not listed in this category if their default car is in another listing. For example, the Octane is under common vehicles but its painted cars are import classification. We do not list the individual Octane paints here and likewise with the other vehicles. If you would like to find out more about them, click on their default page as we have more information there. 

You can get an import vehicle by trading in 5 very rare items within the in-game trade-in system. These very rare items do not have to be battle cars they can be any very rare item. This method does not guarantee the import car you want so we recommend trying alternative methods. Click on the car you want to find out how to get that vehicle.

Exotic Rocket League Cars

There are only two exotic vehicles in the game, the Dominus (painted variants only) and the Komodo. 

Limited Rocket League Cars

Most limited vehicles were only obtainable from a certain event and may not be accessible anymore. Some are tradeable but others aren’t. Each subheading represents the event they were in.

Rocket League Pass 1

These vehicles were only available in the very first Rocket Pass back in September to October 2018.

You can still obtain these vehicles through player to player trading. 

High Octane Event

Only 1 vehicle was released in this event as the Whiplash is a Fortnite vehicle that has been released into Rocket League. Click on the page to find out how to get this vehicle, and more.