Rocket League Decals

Browse through the most popular Rocket League decals. Decals are listed under categories of rarity. Most decals on this page will be under the black market decals category as these are the most popular decals. You can still find out information about the other categories. Decals are alphabetically listed within their categories.

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This is a new page so not all decals in the game are listed here. New decals are constantly being added.

Black Market Rocket League Decals

Black market decals are generally the most popular Rocket League decals. They all have an animated design that can be applied to any car.

Not all black market decals can be painted. The ones that come into painted variants are the 20xx, Encryption, Exalter, Hexed, Hex Tide, Interstellar, Mainframe, Slipstream, Stipple Gait, Stride Tide, Tidal Stream, Trigon, and Wet Paint. These account for under 50% of all black market decals.

Top 10 Rocket League Decal Designs

In this top 10 list, we have selected our top 10 Rocket League decals, created a design for each then ranked each decal design from 10-1. 

Let us know which is your favorite and if we missed any of your preferred decals in the YouTube comments.

This list was created in September 2022 so any awesome decals released after this date will not be featured in this list but you can find cool designs for that decal on its page above.

10. Fire God

fire god color combinations

A clean blue and light green Fire God color combination. This decal has been around for over 4 years and is the second oldest decal in this top 10 list.

Items used in this Fire God design:

9. Mainframe

rocket league mainframe

A highly rated decal that would have been much higher in this list years ago but new decals have pushed it down in my opinion. I had to include it in the top 10 though!

Items used in this Mainframe design:

8. Octane: Hyperspace

black octane design

One of the newest decals in this top 10 list. You can also get the Hyperspace decal for other vehicles such as the Fennec, but they are classed as separate items.

Items used in this Octane: Hyperspace design:

  • Body- Black Octane
  • Decal- Octane: Hyperspace
  • Wheels- Black Veloce
  • Primary color- Dark Purple
  • Secondary color- Black

7. Parallax

Parallax design

A more colorful design using a decal that has scope for many good color combinations.

Items used in this Parallax design:

  • Body- Pink Octane
  • Decal- Parallax
  • Wheels- Cobalt Discotheque
  • Primary color- Blue
  • Secondary color- Light Blue

6. Hex Tide

sky blue dominus design

The Hex Tide decal offers this awesome design animation. This design with these colors would definitely be in my top 3. The only factor holding this back in my list is the limited design choices. The decal does not work with a light background.

Items used in this Hex Tide design:

  • Body- Sky Blue Dominus
  • Decal- Cobalt Hex Tide
  • Wheels- Cobalt Gripstride HX: Inverted
  • Primary color- Dark Blue
  • Secondary color- Black

5. Stride Tide

stride tide design

The Stride Tide offers such a clean design that allows many great color combos. It is also the newest decal added to the game on this top 10 Rocket League decals list.

Items used in this Stride Tide design:

4. Stipple Gait

stipple gait design

Any of these top 4 decals could have been in my number 1 spot. The Stipple Gait is a unique design providing players close to that desired ‘all black car design’.

Items used in this Stipple Gait design:

3. Dissolver

dissolver design

This fire design never gets old. It is the oldest decal in this list and still makes my top 3!

Items used in this Dissolver design:

2. Interstellar

rocket league interstellar

This decal offers so many unique and awesome color combinations whilst providing such an elegant appearance, it had to be in the top 3!

Items used in this Interstellar design:

1. Fennec: Huntress

apex wheels rl

Like I said, any of the top 4 could have been in this number 1 spot but the Fennec: Huntress just scraped it. It isn’t a black market decal and it produces such a clean, immaculate, and simple design with no animation whatsoever.

Items used in this Fennec: Huntress design:

  • Body- Black Fennec
  • Decal- Fennec: Huntress
  • Wheels- Sky Blue Apex
  • Primary color- Light Blue
  • Secondary color- Black

Top 10 Most Expensive Decals in Rocket League

This list showcases the top 10 most expensive decals in Rocket League on PC. If you wish to see a list for top 10 most expensive Rocket League decals on Xbox, PSN, and Switch, let us know in the YT video comments.

We would also like to know if any of your favorite RL Decals are not included in this list?


All decals in this top 10 list are their default version only! Otherwise we would find the same decal with multiple paints featured more than once. All designs use the black Fennec and black Veloce wheels, making it easier for you to compare the wheels. The color combinations for each one were purely our choice and preference for people to use themselves.

You will find many of these most expensive Rocket League decals in our top 10 decal designs list above, just in a different order, and a few surprises! If a decal is highly demanded, then it will have a higher price. This means the more popular decals should feature in this list.

The order of these Rocket League decals are measured on credits. Valuations were taken in September 2022, so this list may be out of date.

10. Fire God

most expensive decals in rocket league

The Fire God decal has been around since 2018, so for it to feature in this list is very impressive! It shows how popular this decal because most, if not all decals decrease in value gradually over time.

9. Humid Haze

decals rocket league

The Humid Haze decal is the only exotic item in this list and in fact, the only non-black market item. This decal has a unique shiny texture.

8. Dissolver

most expensive decals rocket league

The Dissolver decal is even older than the Fire God! These types of items that are still so popular 4+ years later, after a load of new item releases, are very rare and imply just how admired they are by the community.

7. Mainframe

most expensive rocket league decals

The Mainframe is a popular decal that could be higher up this list if it didn’t have painted variants as these paints are generally more in demand. 

6. Exalter

expensive rocket league decals

The Exalter is one of the newer items in this top 10 most expensive decals list. It’s price has stayed fairly stable for the last 12 months despite constant fluctuations in the initial release stage.

5. Tidal Stream

most expensive rl decals

The Tidal stream decal has had many price fluctuations lately. It has reached previous lows of 600 credits but has since climbed this list back to 900-1000 credits.

4. Encryption

expensive decals rocket league

This one definitely surprised me to be inside the top 10 most expensive decals, never mind sitting in the 4th spot. As you can tell I’m not a fan of the Encryption, but I guess some people are?

3. Interstellar

expensive decals in rocket league

A lock-down decal that has remained a fashionable item in people’s car designs, earning it a deserved top 3 spot.

2. Stipple Gait

most expensive decal in rocket league

With a similar valuation of the Interstellar, we have ranked the Stipple Gait above it just purely off preference due to its all black background. These previous 3 decals could share a joint second spot based on current prices.

1. Stride Tide

most expensive rocket league decal

The Stride Tide is a clear winner based on valuations taken in September 2022. It is the newest item in this top 10 so you could argue it hasn’t had as much time for its price to drop, but it is a well-loved Rocket League decal.