Rocket League Decals

Browse through the most popular Rocket League decals. Decals are listed under categories of rarity. Most decals on this page will be under the black market decals category as these are the most popular decals. You can still find out information about the other categories. Decals are alphabetically listed within their categories.

Click on a decal’s title or image to find out more about it such as its pricing, how to get that decal, and more.

This is a new page so not all decals in the game are listed here. New decals are constantly being added.

Black Market Rocket League Decals

Black market decals are generally the most popular Rocket League decals. They all have an animated design that can be applied to any car.

Not all black market decals can be painted. The ones that come into painted variants are the 20xx, Encryption, Exalter, Hexed, Hex Tide, Interstellar, Mainframe, Slipstream, Stipple Gait, Stride Tide, Tidal Stream, Trigon, and Wet Paint. These account for under 50% of all black market decals.