Best Rocket League Goal Explosions

Browse through the most popular goal explosions in Rocket League. Not all goal explosions in the game are listed on this site, only the most popular. This is a new site so new goal explosions and items are constantly being added.

Black Market Goal Explosions

Black Market goal explosions are the rarest items in the game along with black market decals. They are usually the best-animated items which are why they are desired by so many players. 

Top 10 Rocket League Black Market Goal Explosions

This is our top 10 black market goal explosion list. It is purely our own opinion. Let us know in the YouTube video comments which one you would rank at the top spot and if we missed any of your favorite in this top 10 list. No painted goal explosions are in this list to make it fair for non-painted BM items.

We previously provided a top 10 Rocket League goal explosions in another article but this is exclusively black market items only.

Black market goal explosions are the rarest items in the game.

10. Electroshock

black market goal explosions

Just making it into the top 10 list is the Electroshock. Close contenders for this spot were the Popcorn, Toon, and Solar Flare goal explosions. The Electroshock just crept ahead due to its epic graphics on the cloud explosion and lightning bolts.

9. Party Time

black market goal explosions rocket league

Perfect for a special occasion such as birthdays and any other celebration event. This is why this has made it into my top 10. If you go off purely animations, then this Party Time goal explosion would miss out.

8. Buffy-Sugo

rocket league black market goal explosions

This has scope to be higher up on many people’s lists. However, I am personally not a huge fan. It is definitely unique, which is why it has made it on here.

7. Meteor Storm

meteor storm rocket league goal explosion

The meteorites crashing down provide an awesome goal explosion, but nothing blows my mind about this one. 

6. Phoenix Cannon

phoenix cannon rocket league goal exposion

This is where it gets interesting. I found it challenging to order numbers 6, 5, and 4. The laser beams scorching down in a circular pattern are what make this goal explosion incredible.

5. Gravity Bomb

gravity bomb rocket league goal explosion

This is one of the most fun and interactive goal explosions. Any nearby vehicles get sucked into the black hole and let’s be honest, we all try to boost ourselves out of the suction. 

4. Shade Raid

shade raid rocket league goal explosion

A satisfying goal explosion that does not provide much action but amazement instead. It turns the whole map into a black-and-white drawing, including the background.

3. Dueling Dragons

dueling dragons rocket league goal explosion

An OG black market item that has been a fan favorite for so many years. What is there more to say about this remarkable goal explosion?

2. Hellfire

hellfire rocket league goal explosion

A tough choice for second spot between the Dueling Dragons and the Hellfire. But in my opinion, this black market goal explosion has the best animation and graphics of the lot.

1. Air Strike

air strike rocket league goal explosion

A clear favorite for me! The Air Strike offers everything. It has an incredible animation with entertaining interactions. Any player still inside the penalty area gets demolished by the heat-seeking missiles. Everyone’s mission- avoid them!