Rocket League Season 1 Rewards

Rocket League Season 1 Rewards

Dec 04 admin  

At Pro MB Gaming, we are just as excited as everyone else for the rewards announced this season. Read below to find out which rewards you’ll be receiving!

Firstly, let’s start off with the titles. Titles will only be given out to players who have completed the Grand Champion reward wins or the Super Sonic Legend reward wins.

The Grand Champion title will be a crimson color that reads ‘S1 Grand Champion’ whilst Pysonix/Epic Games have announced that the Super Sonic Legend title will be in titanium white.

If the titles aren’t exciting enough for you, the rewards will! This season’s rewards will be decals. Even though Rocket League has done decals as season rewards before, this time they have made them animated.

Watch this video to see each rank’s decal:

Remember, to achieve these decals you must reach that rank then win another 9 matches to complete your 10 reward wins. You only need 9 within the rank as you obtain your first win on the rank-up.

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