Rocket League Wheels

Browse through the most popular Rocket League wheels below. Vehicles are listed under their category of rarity, which include common wheels to exotic wheels, season reward wheels, additional bundle or event releases, and many more. Within their categories, wheels are listed in alphabetical order and more wheels are constantly being added.

Wheels are purely a cosmetic item used for car designs. They provide no in-game advantage. Each wheel is unique in its design and color.

Most wheels record how far you have driven with them equipped to your vehicle.

Exotic Rocket League wheels

Exotic wheels are the rarest wheels to get beside any event or bundle release.  

All exotic wheels in the game have an animation.

Some of the more popular exotic wheels include titanium white Draco, titanium white Zomba wheels and Pyrrhos.

Exotic wheels can be obtained via crafting blueprints, trading, item selling sites, or trading any 5 Import items in your inventory.

Import Rocket League Wheels

Import wheels are the second rarest set of wheels in the game. They can be obtained by trading 5 very rare items in your inventory, trading with other players, crafting blueprints, or buying directly through RL item websites.

Very Rare Rocket League Wheels

Very rare Rocket League wheels are the next group in terms of rarity. You can obtain very rare items by trading in 5 ‘rare’ items in your RL inventory, crafting blueprints, and player-to-player trading. Trading in 5 rare items does not guarantee what ‘very rare’ item you will receive as it is randomized. This is a new page, so more wheels are constantly being added.

Rare Rocket League Wheels

There are no wheels currently listed on our site under this category. This is a new page so more wheels will be added shortly.

Uncommon Rocket League Wheels

Common Rocket League Wheels

There are no wheels currently listed on our site under this category. This is a new page so more wheels will be added shortly.

RLCS Fan Rewards

These vehicles were only available in the RLCS Season rewards for people who watched any matches live. Player were not guaranteed to get the these wheels but randoms reward drops were given.

Apex and Ninja wheels were rewarded in the very first RLCS season.

Top 10 Rocket League Wheels

This is our top 10 RL wheels list. These are based on our own opinion. If we have missed out your favorite wheel, let us know in the comments of the YouTube video. There are hundreds of wheels in the game so I may have missed some popular, deserving items, and also any newer items released after this top 10 list was created.

10. Reaper

rocket league reaper designs

The titanium white Reapers are a hot demanded item but as a whole, all Reaper paints are compatible with a wide range of car designs.

9. Infinium

best infinium designs

Most painted Infinium wheels come in two different color schemes, allowing you to match two colors very well together, like the pink and lime green on the car above.

8. Cristiano

cristiano rocket league

Despite being a Lionel Messi fan, these Cristiano Ronaldo themed wheels still make it inside my top 10. There are better looking wheels out there but these Cristiano wheels can match almost any car design and they have been a fan favorite for many years.

7. Apex

apex wheels rl

The Apex wheels have a simple, but elegant style. They fit inside my top 10 RL wheels because they fit perfectly with my favorite decals- the Fennec, Octane, Dominus Huntress.

6. Black Tunica

black tunica wheels

A perfect wheel to create an all-black car design. All black Rocket League car designs are heavily desired by the RL community. 

5. Aero Mage

aero mage rocket league

A flawless wheel to lighten up and add bright colors to your car design. This wheel looks wonderful in all paints.

4. Zomba

titanium white zomba wheels

The only wheel with an animation in this top 10 tier list. Zombas add character to your vehicle that resembles a spinning vortex or a swirling energy field.

3. Black Stern

Another wheel that is ideal to create an all black car design. The black Stern ranks above the black Tunica because of the cost. At the time of writing, the black Stern is around 16,000 Rocket League credits cheaper.

2. Black Veloce

Rocket League veloce wheels

You might have realized I love an all black car design. The black Veloce is cheaper than the black Tunica but more expensive than the black Stern. It beats the black Stern purely for it possessing less gaps.

1. Astro-CSX

rocket league astro-csx

A clear favorite! These wheels, in all paints are like a God’s gift. Their racing style design create a stylish addition to your vehicle.