Shade Raid Rocket League

shade raid rocket league

The Rocket League Shade Raid is a new 2022 black market goal explosion that was released in March.

Find out the Shade Raid prices, what paints are available for this item, a showcase of all the possible colors, and how to get the Shade Raid Rocket League item.

Rocket League Shade Raid Showcase

Watch the short video to see all colors of the RL Shade Raid. Only the accessible paints are shown.

Painted Variants

All prices are in credits. Painted prices for more platforms are coming soon.

This item is unavailable in titanium white, black, grey, saffron, and lime.

What Does the RL Shade Raid Goal Explosion Do?

This new goal explosion has to be one of the coolest ones out there! It isn’t the most action-packed goal celebration but it is unique compared to most.

When you score a goal, the whole map gradually becomes a black and white drawing as if you are in a cartoon fiction movie. For the painted colors, it is still a black and white drawing but there is a tint of that color around the edges.

How to get the Shade Raid in Rocket League

The easiest way and most convenient way to get the Shade Raid RL goal explosion is to purchase through Aoeah (see green button links above). Aoeah are a trustable site that sell RL items at affordable prices, with quick delivery times. This method is better than buying in-game for various reasons. Firstly, in-game prices are often more expensive than the market trading price, and if you buy directly from the in-game shop, items are untradeable.

A free method to get the Shade Raid, but not guaranteed, is to trade in 5 exotic items in your inventory. Trading in 5 exotic items will reward you with 1 randomized black market item. 

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