Shattered Rocket League Goal Explosion

shattered rocket league

The Rocket League Shattered is a black market goal explosion that comes in 11 different variations including its default version. It was released in July 2019 as part of the Radical Summer 80’s culture event. 

On this page, you can find out the Rocket League Shattered prices, a showcase of every painted color, and how to get this black market goal explosion.

Rocket League Shattered Showcase

Black market items always have cool animations so it is difficult to showcase them in pictures. That is why we have created a short video showcasing all the possible Shattered colors.

Painted Variants

All prices are in credits. 

This item cannot be obtained in grey, pink, and purple.

Price history of this item: When the Shattered was brought out, the default price was 3,000 credits. Its black paint reached the highest valuation of 16-17.5k credits, back in September 2019. Prices of many RL items crashed on the release of the blueprint update. However, this item rose in price for a couple of months before falling. This could have been due to its crash just before the update. 

What Does the RL Shattered Goal Explosion Do?

At the point where the ball crosses the line, crystals begin expanding out. When they reach the goalposts, the crystals shatter into pieces.  Then, at the point where the ball crossed the line, the crystals get sucked back in to then create a huge dome explosion. The color of the crystals depends on the paint you have equipped.

How to get the Shattered Goal Explosion in Rocket League

A convenient, affordable, and legitamate method is to purchase this item from Aoeah. To see their prices and for more details, click on the green button above. 

Before the blueprint update, the Shattered RL goal explosion could be found in two crates: the Totally Awesome Crate and the Vindicator Crate. However, the Shattered blueprint replaced these. The blueprint guarantees you will receive that item rather than it being a chance. With a blueprint, you must pay the set price that the game states which is often higher than the market price.

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