Singularity Rocket League

singularity rocket league

The Rocket League Singularity is a black market goal explosion released in July 2018, within the Zephyr crate and later the Elevation crate.

It is available in all 13 paints.

Find out the Singularity prices, painted showcase, what the goal explosion does, and how to get this item.

Rocket League Singularity Showcase

To see each individual painted color in its full animation, watch the short video. Let us know in the comments which paint is your favorite?

Painted Variants

Within four months of this item’s release, most colors fell around 80% in value. For example, the tw Singularity was valued at around 10,000 credits and only 4 months later, it was worth around 2,000 credits. Since then, its prices have not been as volatile.

What Does the RL Singularity Goal Explosion Do?

Atoms quickly sparse out from the goal. A black hole is then created which grows larger. When it becomes too big, the black hole vacuums all the atoms to create one enormous explosion at the end. The painted items change the color surrounding the black hole.

How to get the Singularity in Rocket League

The cheapest way to get the Singularity Rocket League goal explosion is to trade with another player. This way you will be paying the market price rather than the in-game price which is more expensive the majority of the time.

Before you trade with another player, you need to know the number of credits required. Check the prices above for the color you desire. 

If you do not have these credits, we recommend buying credits from Aoeah (click green button link above) because they are much cheaper than buying credits from in-game. Trust us, you will save a lot of money! But please trade at your own risk.

Once you have the required credits, you need to find a suitable trader who has your desired item on your platform. These traders can be found on steam forums, websites, or Discord servers. 

When you have found someone willing to sell the Singularity goal explosion for a good price, you need to add them as a friend in-game, then invite them to trade. Ensure both players have put their items into the agreed trade before you click continue and double check everything is correct to avoid getting scammed. 

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