Solar Flare Rocket League

solar flare rocket league

The Rocket League Solar Flare was released in October 2018. It was first put into the Elevation crate as a black market goal explosion. Due to its popularity, it was later added to more crates: Player Choice 1, Ferocity, RL Beach Blast, Spring Fever, Haunted Hallows, and Secret Santa.

On this page, you can find out the Solar Flare prices, and much more.

Rocket League Solar Flare Showcase

This video reveals what every painted color looks like so players can decide whether they like the look of the item they might be buying.

Painted Variants

The Solar Flare can come in 10 painted variants on top of its default form. If you want to get any of these Solar Flare colors at affordable prices, click the green button above. Black, grey, and orange cannot be obtained for this item.

The blueprint update didn’t affect the price of this item too much because it had already crashed prior to the large update. For example, the titanium white Solar Flare used to be worth 12.5-13.5k credits.

How to get the Solar Flare in Rocket League

The RL Solar Flare goal explosion can be obtained by purchasing directly from a third-party website (Visit the green button links above). These links send you through to Aoeah who we recommend using for buying RL items and credits.

Another method is to wait for this item to appear in the item shop. Bare in mind that this item has only appeared in the item shop 9 times in the past and it may not be the paint you want. It can also be more expensive than other methods. Likewise, blueprints are another way but cost the same as the item shop. The only benefit of these methods is that they are risk-free.

This black market item is available on Sideswipe. To get this item on Sideswipe, you will have to wait for it to become next available in the item shop or in a future Rocket Season pass. This is because trading is not possible on Sideswipe yet.

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