Storm Watch Rocket League

storm watch

This Rocket League Storm Watch is an unpainted black market decal. This BM decal was released in February 2018 within the Victory and Triumph crate. 

Find out Storm Watch prices, cool car designs using this decal, and how to get the RL Storm Watch.

Storm Watch Rocket League Price

All prices are valued in credits.

Since its release, the valuation of the Storm Watch RL decal has been on a steady decline except on the platform, Switch. The price has barely changed (as of December 2022) on the Switch because Rocket League only became available on this platform in early 2021, meaning its valuation has had less time to diminish. 

Bets Rocket League Storm Watch Designs

Storm Watch Design 1

storm watch rocket league

Storm Watch Design 2

rocket league storm watch
  • Body- Lime Octane
  • Decal- Storm Watch
  • Wheels- Lime Gripstride HX: Inverted
  • Primary color- Dark purple
  • Secondary color- Light green

Storm Watch Design 3

  • Body- Titanium white Octane
  • Decal- Storm Watch
  • Wheels- Titanium white Reaper
  • Primary color- Red
  • Secondary color- White

Storm Watch Design 4

storm watch designs
  • Body- Orange Octane
  • Decal- Storm Watch
  • Wheels- Orange Hypnotik
  • Primary color- Orange
  • Secondary color- Black
Best Storm Watch Design

Select your favorite Storm Watch design

The Storm Watch can be an underrated decal as it created some awesome designs if the correct colors and wheels are used. All designs feature the Rocket League Octane vehicle making each design easily comparable.

How to get the Storm Watch in Rocket League

This item has its own blueprint. However, unlocking its blueprint would require overpaying compared to other methods. This is due to it costing 2,000 credits to craft, with a trading value of only a couple hundred credits.

Cheaper methods to get the Storm Watch involve trade-ups, trading, and Aoeah. Read below for further details on each one.

Trade-ups require you to trade-in 5 items of the same rarity to receive 1 item of the next rarity. This 1 item you receive is randomized. To give yourself a chance at winning the Storm Watch, you need to get 5 exotic items that you are willing to trade-in. 5 exotic items will reward you with 1 random black market item.

A guaranteed method of obtaining the Rocket League Storm Watch is to buy cheap Rocket League credits from Aoeah and to then trade your credits with a player who is selling the Storm Watch decal. You should find suitable traders on various RL trading websites and Discord servers.

Another alternative would be to buy this item directly on Aoeah. Click the green links on this page to visit the Aoeah site. This method is often cheaper than unlocking the blueprint. It is slightly more expensive than the trading procedure above but a quicker method.

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