Sub-Zero Rocket League

sub zero rocket league

The Rocket League Sub-Zero is one of the oldest black market goal explosions in the game as it was released in July 2017. It was brought out within the Overdrive crate and later added to the Velocity crate as well.

Find out the Sub-Zero prices and showcase of all possible paints, as well as, how to get this item after the blueprint update.

Rocket League Sub-Zero Showcase

Interested in getting the Sub Zero RL goal explosion but unsure which color you want? This video showcases all colors of this item.

Painted Variants

These are the trading valuations, not in-game prices. To see which one is cheaper, scroll down to ‘How to get the Sub-Zero’ where we discuss the cheapest method. Each price valuation is guidance on what players should sell or buy that item at. Most players sell at the lower-end value.

Pricing history of some paints: The tw Sub Zero goal explosion used to be the most expensive as it was valued above 12k credits back in 2021. If you owned the black Sub Zero in September 2021 (1.7k credits) and sold it October 2022, you will have tripled your credits.

What Does the RL Sub-Zero Goal Explosion Do?

Sub-Zero means below 0 degrees temperature. Therefore, when you score a goal, ice stalactite structures are created. The goal explosion then destroys these ice stalactites. 

How to get the Sub-Zero in Rocket League

In this section we will discuss the cheapest way to get the Sub-Zero. These are based from market values in November 2022. To check which is the cheapest, compare blueprint costs, Aoeah prices (click the green button above), and the trading prices listed above.

Black & Pink Sub Zero = Blueprint because its trading valuation is higher than its blueprint crafting cost.

TW Sub Zero = Aoeah (Click the green button above to buy)

Default = player-to-player trading so you are paying the market price.

All other colors = Aoeah or player-to-player trading

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