Toon Rocket League

toon rocket league

The Rocket League Toon is a black-market goal explosion that was released inside the Victory crate in February 2018. It was also added to the Triumph and Zephyr crates. 

Find out the Toon prices, all the painted variations of the Toon, how to get this item, and more.

Rocket League Toon Showcase

All the painted Toon goal explosions besides orange (as it is unavailable in this color) are displayed in this video.

Painted Variants

This item is only unavailable in orange. Items are usually not obtainable in a certain color because the default version is too similar.

This item is one of the cheaper black market goal explosions. Items that have been in the game for longer usually have a cheaper valuation because their value diminishes over time. Therefore, having a cheaper price may not mean it is an unfavorable item. 

What Does the RL Toon Goal Explosion Do?

The Toon goal explosion has a cartoony animation. When a goal is scored, explosion clouds erupt in a cartoon drawing. The color of these clouds change depending on the paint you have equipped. All painted Toon clouds then convert into black smoke.

How to get the Toon in Rocket League

With the Toon Rocket League goal explosion being one of the cheaper black market items, purchasing this item in-game through the in-game shop or via its blueprint will cost you a lot more than other methods. This is because all black market items of the same color sell for the same price in-game, even though each item has a different trading valuation.

Cheaper ways to get the RL Toon goal explosion involve purchasing from Aoeah (Use our discount code: MBDESIGNS for a further 3% off), or trading with another player. Both methods are cheaper than purchasing through the in-game shop or unlocking a blueprint.

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