Top 10 Rocket League Goal Explosions

Top 10 Rocket League Goal Explosions

Jan 09 admin  

This article showcases my favorite goal explosions in Rocket League. Before we get into it, I want to know what is your favorite goal explosion? Let me know in the comments down below.

Top 10 Rocket League Goal Explosions

All images are taken using the Bakkesmod view mode on the official Rocket League game.

10. Light Show

rocket league light show goal explosion

Just making it into the top 10 is the Rocket League Light Show goal explosion. Not many, if any other goal explosions play out music, making this a unique celebration. Let me know if any others play music, I can’t think of any?

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9. Poof

rocket league poof goal explosion

Poof! The most anti-climatic one out of them all but one of the most satisfying at the same time. The Poof Rocket League goal explosion exhibits minimal smoke which disappears within a second making it a distinctive celebration.

8. Grand Slam

rocket league grand slam goal explosion

Being the tennis lover I am, it would be shameful for me to leave the Grand Slam out. Yes, I know it’s actually baseballs (similar design) and the name is from a baseball home run when scoring 4 points in 1 hit but just let me believe it’s tennis-related haha! Anyways, I’m sure you’re not interested in this one as much as I am so let’s move on to number 7…

7. Popcorn

rocket league popcorn goal explosion

I just had to include the Popcorn Rocket League goal explosion in this list. Even though I do not often use this black market item anymore, it was my favorite for quite a while when it got released back in 2017. And even after all the new goal explosion releases, this OG item still makes it into my top 10.

6. Phoenix Cannon

phoenix cannon rocket league goal exposion

The Phoenix Cannon Rocket League goal explosion is a brand new black market item that was released in December 2021. The animation is very cool with lasers beaming down from the sky and then exploding with rocks flying out from the aftermath. However, this would be higher up my order if it had 1 extra feature- the ability to demo cars that pass through the laser beam.

5. Cosmosis

rocket league cosmosis goal explosion

This awesome Cosmosis Rocket League goal explosion has an incredible feature. Rather than creating a huge explosion or goal animation like most others, Cosmosis instead transforms the whole map into the design you can see above. For this reason, it makes it into my top 5 purely due to its uniqueness compared to the rest.

4. Gravity Bomb

gravity bomb rocket league goal explosion

I’ve always enjoyed the goal explosions that suck in all nearby cars. But the Gravity Bomb Rocket League goal explosion has by far the best animation whilst doing this. Who else constantly tries to escape the ‘black hole’ that you’re getting dragged into? Just me? We’ll move on to my top 3 then haha…

3. Dueling Dragons

dueling dragons rocket league goal explosion

This beast couldn’t even fit on my screen to take a screenshot properly. The Dueling Dragons Rocket League goal explosion is one of few items that cannot be obtained in a painted color but that does not stop it from making my top 3.

2. Hellfire

hellfire rocket league goal explosion

The Hellfire Rocket League goal explosion has been a fan favorite for many years. This awesome 3D fire skull erupting from the explosion comfortably makes my number 2 spot.

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1. Air Strike

air strike rocket league goal explosion

I was never in doubt giving the Air Strike Rocket League goal explosion my number 1 spot. It is probably the most interactive goal explosion in the game as it blows up every vehicle nearby.

When this was released in February 2021, it seemed that at least 90% of players were using the Air Strike and to this day, a vast majority of the player base still do. And I don’t blame them because it is by far the coolest goal explosion created by Pysonix to date.

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