Top 5 Rocket League Paint Finishes

Top 5 Rocket League Paint Finishes

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In this article, we go over our top 5 paint finishes in Rocket League. Paint finishes allow players to add a texture or pattern to the design of their car. They are used to improve the final touches of your decal.

Let me know in the comments if I have missed any of your favorite paint finishes, and if so, which ones?

Top 5 Paint Finishes in Rocket League-

For this list, I have used the Fennec, with no decal, and black Veloce wheels. This is so you can easily compare the paint finishes with one another. The only aspect I have changed between each car design is mainly the primary color to what I believe best fits that particular paint finish.

5. Pearlescent (Matte)

rocket league pearlescent matte

The Pearlescent (Matte) offers a very clean look allowing your secondary color to come into play in the shadow areas. I chose the Matte version over its default because this edition has a greater mix between both primary and secondary colors. Have a play around with the colors yourself, but I used red as the primary color and purple for the secondary on the image above.

Date released- September 2017

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4. Metallic (Smooth)

rocket league metallic smooth

Similar to the Pearlescent, the Metallic is perfect for players wanting a smooth, professional appearance.

Date released- September 2017

3. Circuit Board

rocket league circuit board

Moving on from the simple, clean designs, we have the Circuit Board. This rare paint finish is available to be obtained from unlocking blueprints or random drops. It is also available to be purchased on RL item selling websites at a cheaper price than in-game costs.

Date released- July 2017

2. Metallic Pearl

rocket league metallic pearl

This picture of the Metallic paint finish does not do it justice. Trust me, this looks better in-game. Obviously similar to the Metallic (smooth) that I listed at number 4, but the Metallic Pearl has what looks like raindrops added, making the design shiny in certain areas when light shines on it.

Date released- October 2020

1. Polygrid

rocket league polygrid paint finish

The clear winner by far! I was shocked to see this as a paint finish rather than a decal it’s that good. This Polygrid paint finish glitters all around the car as if it is covered with diamonds. I prefer this paint finish in a light primary color to really show off the shines.

Date released- December 2021

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