Voxel Rocket League

voxel rocket league

The Rocket League Voxel is a black market goal explosion. It was released in the Totally Awesome crate as part of the Radical Summer 80’s culture event that occurred in July 2019. 

Check out all the Voxel prices of its default and painted variants, a showcase of all these colors, and how to get this black market goal explosion.

Rocket League Voxel Showcase

A showcase of every available Voxel paint. Grey and orange are not shown as they were not available in this color at the time of the video being made. Pysonix sometimes add painted colors later so they may have been added since. See prices above to check. 

Voxel All Colors

This item is unattainable in grey and orange.

Some prices for these colors can be very volatile. For example, the black Voxel’s price has had many huge fluctuations in the past 4 years. It has reached a peak of over 3k credits and a low of 1-1.2k credits in this period multiple times.

What Does the RL Voxel Goal Explosion Do?

When you have selected to have this goal explosion equipped in your inventory, its animation will unveil when you score a goal. Immediately after you score, the Voxel sets off a fire but in block pixels. Half of the block pixels change color depending on the Voxel paint you have equipped.

How to get the Voxel in Rocket League

This item’s valuations are quite cheap for a black market goal explosion. This means purchasing in-game through Voxel blueprints or the item shop will mean you would be overpaying compared to other methods.

Cheaper alternatives include buying directly from Aoeah (See green button above), or trading with another player who is willing to sell the Voxel paint you desire. 

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