What is the best car in Rocket League?

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In this blog, we’ll be discussing how to choose the perfect car for your play style.

Choosing your car can be fundamental in helping you reach your desired ranks.

First of all, let’s begin with the cars we recommend trying out:

  • Octane
  • Dominus
  • Fennec

These are the 3 cars we recommend trying and here’s why.


The octane is the most used car in the game as well as on the pro scene.

The benefits to the Rocket League Octane vehicle include:

  • Has the most consistent hitbox in the game giving you reliable hits when contacting the ball
  • Has a higher body type than most other cars making it easier to win 50/50 challenges

However, a drawback to this vehicle is that it has a shorter reach meaning players using the Octane may get beat first to the ball.

If you are interested in the design of your vehicle, check out our best Octane designs article.

rocket league octane benefits


The Dominus Rocket League car is another popular car in the game.

This car has a different hitbox to the Octane and can therefore suit different playstyles. The advantages of using the Dominus car in Rocket League include:

  • Longer reach which could help players get to the ball first
  • Shorter height than other cars such as the Octane which can assist in dribbling

However, like all vehicles, these benefits come with negatives. Even though the shorter height can assist with dribbling, it may hinder 50/50 challenges. This choice is dependent on your own play style.

rocket league dominus benefits

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The Rocket League Fennec car is a fairly new release in the game but quickly played a part in the pro scene.

The benefits and drawbacks of this vehicle are very similar to the Octane due to their identical hitbox. The difference in terms of preference may just come down to which car feels better in-game. Many professional players made the switch early to the Fennec from the Octane as they claimed: “It just felt right”. If you want to get the Fennec then check out our article on how to get the Fennec in Rocket League.

On top of Fennec being one of the best vehicles in terms of performance, it has become one of the popular vehicles featured in car designs as the decals on Fennec car designs look really smooth.

rocket league fennec benefits

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