When does Rocket League Season 2 End?

Mar 10 admin  

Season 2 has been running for just over 3 months now and Epic Games just announced it will be delaying season 3 by another week. This has pushed back the Season 2 end date to 7th April 2021.

What are the Rocket League Season 2 Rewards?

Each season, there are rewards up for grabs depending on the rank you reach. You must then achieve 10 wins within that rank.

For season 1, Rocket League released awesome decals as rewards. For season 2, we can lie, we are a little disappointed. The rewards for this season will be boosts.

However, titles will still be the same. If you reach GC rewards then you will still receive a red Season 2 Grand Champion title and the same with a glowing white Super Sonic Legend title.

Each season’s rewards are unique and can be never won again as they are untradeable and a one-time item to be won.

Will my Rank Reset?

This question is a yes and no answer!

Yes, because at the start of a new Rocket League season, you do not keep the same rank. Players must complete 10 placement matches in order to gain a competitive rank again.

However, it’s also a no in terms of you won’t end up back down at the bottom. If you are below Gold then your rank will likely increase slightly and players above Gold will likely move down a full rank on average. This is to bring players closer to the equilibrium rank.

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