Whiplash Rocket League Car

rocket league whiplash

The Rocket League Whiplash is a brand-new car released on 15th November 2022. It has been released as part of the High Octane Event, bringing Fortnite and Rocket League together.

On this item information page you can find out How to get the Rocket League Whiplash and see cool Whiplash car designs 

Whiplash Rocket League Price

Unfortunately, the Whiplash car is untradeable on all platforms so see below to see how to get the RL Whiplash car.

This vehicle has no painted variants as of yet.

Best Rocket League Whiplash Designs

The Whiplash car allows for some of the best designs in the game. Its slanted structure allows for the decal and colors used to stand out.

If you need the inspiration to design your Whiplash vehicle, you have found the right place! Remember to vote for which design is your favorite.

Whiplash Design 1

whiplash rocket league

Items used on this Whiplash vehicle:

Whiplash Design 2

rocket league whiplash

Items used on this Whiplash vehicle:

  • Body- Whiplash
  • Stipple Gait decal
  • Wheels- Astro-CSX: Inverted
  • Primary color- Pink
  • Secondary color- Not shown

Whiplash Design 3

whiplash rocket league car

Items used on this Whiplash vehicle:

  • Body- Whiplash
  • Titanium White Trigon decal
  • Wheels- Celestial II
  • Primary color- Dark blue
  • Secondary color- Black

Whiplash Design 4

rocket league whiplash car

Items used on this Whiplash vehicle:

  • Body- Whiplash
  • Saffron Exalter decal
  • Wheels- Tremo
  • Primary color- Dark red
  • Secondary color- Grey

Whiplash Design 5

How to get the Whiplash car in Rocket League

Items used on this Whiplash vehicle:

  • Body- Whiplash
  • Intrudium decal
  • Wheels- Purple Asik: Infinite
  • Primary color- Purple
  • Secondary color- Pink
Best Whiplash Design

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Rocket League Whiplash Hitbox

The Whiplash RL car has an identical hitbox to the Rocket League Breakout car

The RL Whiplash car dimensions are as follows: (rounded to 2 decimal points)

Which vehicles have the same hitbox as the Whiplash?

How to get the Whiplash Car in Rocket League

The Whiplash Rocket League vehicle is a unique item compared to any other. It is untradeable so it can only be obtained through completing rewards.

It is part of the High Octane Event. This is an event where Fortnite and Rocket League have come together. Remember Epic Games owns both games so it is a marketing plan to get players to play both games. Even with that being the case, it is still a cool event that has some fun challenges and quests to complete. 

Remember that this High Octane Fortnite x Rocket League event may not be accessible forever so you may not have long to obtain this Fortnite Whiplash car in Rocket League. 

how to get the rocket league whiplash car

You can either watch the video or read below on how to get the Rocket League Whiplash car.

  1. The first thing you want to go ahead and do is to install Fortnite if you haven’t got it installed already. Make sure you launch Fortnite through the same Epic Games account that is linked to the Rocket League account you want the Whiplash on.
  2. You can close Rocket League for the moment and launch Fortnite
  3. Click on ‘New Quests’ then the ‘High Octane’ event. You will then be shown 11 quests. You only need to complete 8 of these 11 quests to receive the Whiplash vehicle in Rocket League. There are 3 quests that can only be completed in the battle royale and the remaining 8 must be done through the event minigames. 

You can choose whichever 8 quests you wish but we recommend doing the 8 game mode ones if you want them done quickly.  They are also fun to play! For these 8 minigame quests, you only need to play 4 minigames as each one has 2 quests assigned.

  4. To find these minigames, go back to the main menu and change your playlist. You want to scroll right down until you find the subheading named ‘High Octane Quests’. 

  5. The 2 quests to complete on Rocketeer Ruins are: Collect 8 coins and Reach each Hardpoint. The coins are scattered around the map on the floor so just drive around and find them. Coins replenish after a while so you can go back to the same places. For the hardpoint quest, you only have to get at least 1 second in all hardpoints. I believe there are 5 different hardpoints as I had hardpoints A-E when I completed mine.

how to get Whiplash Rocket League car

6. The 2 quests for RL Live are really straightforward. You drive round a race course and earn points for getting through checkpoints. Once you reach the required points, you have completed the challenges.

7. The 2 quests for Octane Race are: Complete 2 laps and complete a lap in under 2 minutes 30 seconds. Again, these are straightforward if you know the fundamentals of Rocket League controls and mechanics. I completed my laps in around 2 minutes so see if you can beat this time.

8. Finally, the 2 quests for Snipers vs Octanes are: Eliminate sniper opponents & damage car opponents. To eliminate sniper opponents, you have to drive into a player and they will instantly die. However, the snipers are based in the middle of the map, high up on a platform so make sure you have enough boost to get up there whilst dodging the bullets from snipers. For the damage quest, you have to deal 600 damage to cars. This isn’t a great amount as you deal around 34 damage per shot. In this game mode, sniper players do not respawn but players in the car team do.

9. Once you have completed 8 quests, launch Rocket League and the vehicle should automatically be rewarded.

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