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Rocket League Mainframe decal

This is an information page for the original FSL Rocket League Wheels. These wheels were so popular that Pysonix created another version called FSL-B.

FSL Wheels are an Import item that were released in December 2016.

On this page you can find out the prices of all FSL paints, how to get them, FSL designs, and more.

How much are the FSL Wheels worth in Rocket League?

The default FSL wheels are almost at an all time low meaning now might be the perfect time to grab them! 

If you want to find out prices for painted FSL wheels, scroll down to check them out.

Prices are valued in Credits.

Prices are updated as often as possible but please note that they could be out of date.

All Painted Variations of the Rocket League FSL Wheels

The prices of all the painted variants of the FSL wheels along with how to get that item are displayed below. 

The only missing paint is crimson. This is due to the default version being a crimson color. Players who play on Switch do not have access to the cobalt, sky blue, burnt sienna, saffron, lime, forest green, and purple paints (plus crimson if do not count the default being crimson).

All prices are valued in credits and PC pricing. 

Rocket League FSL Designs

Car designs involving the FSL wheels are coming soon to our website here.

Why the FSL wheels are important in your Car Design

The wheels on a car design are like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle. The last piece has to fit for the jigsaw to be complete. Likewise, the wheels have to match the decal and colors for the design to be complete.

Generally, when designing Rocket League cars I choose the decal and its color before I select the wheels. But sometimes you have a favorite set of wheels that just have to fit. In that case, the wheels go first and the decal and colors come after.

How to get the FSL Wheels in Rocket League

The original RL FSL wheels have been around so long that they are fairly easy to get your hands on them. Their prices are now cheaper as plenty of them have been rolling out into the community.

Ways to get the FSL wheels include crafting blueprints, trading with other players, buying off item selling sites, the in-game item shop.

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