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Join the AppleMC server using the server IP or port displayed in the green boxes. AppleMC is well-known for producing awesome survival based gamemodes such as Earth SMP, classic Survival, and Lifesteal. They also have cool PvP duels and parkour modes that you should definitely try out!

How to Join the AppleMC Server

What MC Versions can I Join AppleMC on?

AppleMC can be played on the latest 1.19 versions. Some gamemodes can be played on 1.18 and 1.8. 

The Earth and Lifesteal SMP servers are on 1.19.

The survival, Oneblock, and PvP gamemodes are on 1.18.

Parkour and bedwars are still on 1.8.

More Details About the AppleMC Gamemodes

Here is more information about the AppleMC gamemodes.


This survival server enables land claiming to stop griefers.

To claim your own land in the wilderness, type /lands create (name). You can name it whatever you like. This will claim the chunk you are standing in. You also must be away from other players’ bases for the claim to work. To check, type /map, and look for any orange/yellow claims. If you can see some, then you need to find a new location.

You can expand your one-chunk claim by using the selection tool. Left click on a block inside your current claim, and then right-click on the block you wish to extend it to. Then type /claim and a square will be added to your land between the two blocks you selected.


Lifesteal is a highly demanded gamemode but not many servers offer it. It is so popular on the AppleMC server that there are two possible Lifesteal realms to join, the Banana and Orange realms.

On Lifesteal, you gain a heart for each player you kill but lose a heart for each player that kills you. You do not lose hearts if you die on your own such as fall damage, hunger, etc.

On this AppleMC Lifesteal server, you start with the usual 10 hearts and the maximum you can get is 120 hearts. 100 hearts is the maximum you can reach without prestige. To prestige, you must give away 50 hearts in order to cap your maximum hearts total by 4. This means there are a total of 5 prestige ranks. 

Earth SMP

Visit our best Minecraft Earth servers page to find out what Earth SMP is.

Again, similar to Lifesteal, not many servers offer this Earth SMP gamemode. This is what makes this server unique because it has a variety of rare gamemodes whilst keeping an active player base on them.


Are you up for the challenge to start on 1 block in the sky?

If you want to make it even harder, throw away your starter kit and start with no armor, no tools, and 0 resources.

The one block you spawn on regenerates into a new block each time. 

Good luck.


Even though bedwars is one of the most popular and most played Minecraft minigames, it is not as popular as the other games on this server.

You can play it on solos, duos, lucky block mode, trios, and squads when it is active enough to fill lobbies. I recommend playing this at peak times when there are more players to fill the lobbies. 

PvP Practice

This PvP server doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion. Most PvP servers are just an open PvP arena and it’s every player for themselves. However, this server has a duels system. You can queue up for almost any type of PvP kit and matchup you wish. It offers unranked and ranked for those who may want to take it more seriously.

The different PvP duel modes are:

  • Nodebuff- fight with healing potions.
  • Debuff- fight with a mix of healing and attacking potions.
  • Gapple- battle it out with god apples.
  • Build UHC- each player receives blocks, water, and lava.
  • Crystal- faster swing rates
  • AxePvP- I don’t have to explain this one do I?
  • Sumo- be the first to knock your opponent off the small platform.
  • NoEnchant- no enchants on armor or tools but pearls and potions are at hand.
  • Archer- Only a bow and arrows available.
  • SG- fight with common tools
  • HCF- battle it out with golden apples and potions.
  • Soup- heal yourself with soups
  • Spleef- break the snow blocks below your opponent to make them fall first.
Some duels are best of 1 round such as Archer, but some others such as Sumo are best of 3 rounds.
Your stats are all recorded so you can see how many kills and deaths you have had by clicking the beacon in the main lobby area.


There are 4 parkour modes available to play. These are:

  • Mega race- Race against the clock to the finish line of each of the 17 levels and see if you can achieve the fastest time. These parkour levels feel fairly realistic in terms of the terrain and the jumps you make.
  • Challenges- Complete all of the 20 easy courses, 10 medium, and 10 hard courses to unlock coins and cosmetics on the server.
  • Escape mode- can you escape these 115 levels? You are trapped in a small room for each level and must find a way to escape.
  • Dropper- Drop from the sky and avoid all obstacles in the way.